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Please allow 24 hours from the day the firearm is received at IDC for any FFL transfer. IDC requires 24 hours to process the incoming paperwork. Expect a longer processing time if the incoming item is missing paperwork (such as an invoice, FFL, customer information).

Transfers will only be accepted from other licensed FFL stores/dealers.

Sending FFLs are required to provide a copy of their FFL license prior to releasing the firearm, this can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.

Firearms that arrive without an FFL cannot be released without the proper paperwork.

Used Firearm Transfer: For those who are simply having a weapon transferred through another FFL to IDC, we still require an invoice to be enclosed along with their FFL.

Face-to-face transfer:  We gladly provide this service at IDC, a photo ID or driver’s license and FID or LTC are required in all cases.

Note: We will only transfer Massachusetts compliant guns, please check with us first if you're not sure !

Transfer Fees, per serial number:

FRAMES $30.00