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A full service firearms retailer
Your trusted source for selling, buying, building and repairing guns


627 High Street - Route 110

PO Box 88

Clinton, MA  01510

Tel (978) 365-9353

Fax (978) 706-1375



Gunsmithing and armorers services provided by our in-house gunsmith

Sig Sauer classic line armorers P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P239 - Stocking repair kits and components

S&W M&P Series Armorers - Stocking repair kits and components

1911 Armorers, Trigger work and general repairs

AR15 Armorers, Trigger work, Stock pinning, Muzzle brake pin and weld - full line of accessories in stock

S&W J Frame Trigger work

Full line of Apex Trigger Kits in stock - available for purchase or we will install and test fire for you

Scope mounting and Bore sighting services

Night sight and Standard sight repair, replacement or upgrades

Additional services available, call or email to discuss your gunsmithing needs


Labor for firearm repairs or upgrades are based on a shop rate of $60/hour plus parts.

All guns are range tested for dependability, there is a $5 fee for ammo if none is provided by customer. 

Some services have a flat rate depending on the parts selected by the customer.


NOTE: If you have a firearm with a live round stuck in the chamber or feed device and are unable to clear it, please come into the store and let us know the situation before bringing in the firearm.  We will provide further instructions once we have a clear picture of the problem and bring the gun into a safe area for evaluation.